Commission on Minority Affairs

About Us

The Commission on Minority Affairs, a Commission under the jurisdiction of the Department of Business and Industry, was created by the Nevada Legislature in 2003. The Commission is tasked with the following main duties:

1. Collect and disseminate information on:

  • Activities
  • Programs
  • Essential Services

2. Study:

  • The matters affecting social and economic welfare and well-being
  • Availability of employment, and the manner of employment
  • The manner of encouragement to start and manage a business successfully
  • Availability of affordable housing

3. Act as a liaison for the Nevada Equal Rights Commission to inform persons regarding:

  • The laws of the State that prohibits discriminatory practices
  • The procedures pursuant to which aggrieved persons may file complaints or otherwise take action to remedy such discriminatory practices


The mission of the Commission on Minority Affairs is to advocate for and to provide a voice to minorities residing in the State of Nevada.


The purpose of the Commission on Minority Affairs is to be the central advisory body coordinating discussion and study of issues affecting minority communities in Nevada.

Workforce Development Subcommittee

The Workforce Development Subcommittee ensures that minority communities within the State of Nevada are fully aware of and have access to the employment, training and supportive services/dollars available under workforce investment systems statewide. The subcommittee will work with system administrators such as Workforce Connections and/or their contracted providers to ensure availability of program information and the "One-Stop" delivery system.

Business and Economic Development

A dream, a need, a spark, from the reason for starting a small business are as varied as the stories and individuals behind them. The Business and Economic Development Subcommittee, knows addressing the needs of your business isn't a one-size-fits-all process. That's why we collaborate with community partners to develop, promote, and connect resources. This includes: participating in community outreach events, listening to the needs of the minority small business community, collaborating with resources partners in the promotion and development of programs to educate, inform and connect resources and opportunities.

Housing Subcommittee

The Housing Subcommittee seeks to connect and educate constituents of programs, assistance, and updated policies in advocating for equal opportunities and treatment in renting, leasing, or purchasing of homes.

K-12 & Higher Education Subcommittees

The Education Subcommittees analyze ways to achieve "education excellence" within the State of Nevada. Methods and recommendations are made by using the expertise of current educational professionals, teachers, and stakeholders throughout the State. The subcommittee suggests and promotes new legislation that will significantly increase educational excellence from pre-K through post-secondary education, including continuing adult education, retraining of job skills and the role education plays in economic and community development.

Healthcare Subcommittee

The Healthcare Subcommittee promotes health and wellness through collaborating with community organizations and identifying resources to help minorities in Nevada. The subcommittee will gather/disseminate information in an effort to reduce health disparities and promote events that address and wellness.

Legislative Subcommittee

Nearly every aspect of one's life is touched in some way by legislation. Be it small or large impact, NCMA seeks to ensure that minorities are informed of legislation that has significant impact on their communities and that minorities are consider in the legislative process.