Commission on Minority Affairs Members

Commissioner Gabriela Wyett

Chair & Housing

Gabriela Wyett

Gabriela Wyett is a seasoned banking professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. She has dedicated her career to supporting businesses and fostering inclusive growth. Possessing a vast wealth of knowledge, particularly in the realm of securing access to capital, her primary focus lies in providing essential resources to underserved business communities.

By synergizing efforts and collaborating with a diverse range of community partners, she endeavors to enhance financial education and proficiency while presenting viable options to the business community. She actively seeks market-driven solutions that address the specific needs of Nevada.

Building critical alliances with community leaders and stakeholders, she has become a powerful advocate for the voiceless. Her bilingual skills enable her to connect with and serve a broader audience, demonstrating her cultural sensitivity and awareness of their unique needs. Her strong presence in the community reflects her unwavering dedication to making a difference, both through grassroots efforts and scalable initiatives.

Gabriela consistently strives and leads others to create equitable and dignified opportunities for communities of color. Recognizing her adeptness in navigating the multifaceted challenges faced by these communities, she has earned unanimous approval for her appointment to the board of Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada (NHSSN), an organization committed to promoting affordable housing.

Her success is a testament to her unwavering passion for seeking assistance through outreach, advocacy, and service. Collaborating with a wide array of organizations and platforms, such as the Urban Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Administration, Nevada District Office (SBA), Nevada Small Business Development Network (NVSBDC), and Latin Chamber of Commerce, she continuously seeks to learn, strategize, and deliver innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the community and businesses. Her drive to effect positive change propels her forward, always striving to create a better tomorrow.

Commissioner Angelica Villarta 


Angelica Villarta headshot

Angelica Villarta has lived in Las Vegas, NV for over 29 years. She is an entrepreneur and business professional.  She has over 20 years of experience  in strategic relationship management, finance, marketing, entertainment, event and program management, and community advocacy. She currently owns and operates her latest venture, Blucat Group, a digital design media company, that specializes in multi-cultural and cross-cultural brand development.    

She is currently seated as the Vice Chair for the Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs and co-chairs the Asian and Pacific Islander Outreach Committee for Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, in addition to working with Asian Community Development Council doing business outreach and engaging stakeholders in local and national initiatives that support Nevada’s small business ecosystem. 

For the community, she has served on numerous boards as advisor and/or member, including, but not limited to, the Federal Reserve's ROC 2021-2022 National Cohort, Filipino Nevada Bicycle Club, Asian Community Resource Center, Water Street District Business Association, the Korean American Association of Las Vegas, the Guam Golden Girls, Haga' Marianas Guam Association of Nevada, and the Sri Lanka America Chamber of Commerce.

Because of her passion for uniting and connecting people, she continually pursues new opportunities that will advance her practice and presence for the benefit of Nevada’s community unity, and the state’s economic growth and development. 

Commissioner Nic Steele

Workforce Development  

Nic Steele

Nic Steele is the executive director of Access Community Capital Inc., a community loan fund providing affordable capital to small businesses located in Nevada. Access Community Capital is a minority led mission driven organization directed by entrepreneurs who understand the plight of business ownership. Since inception, Access Community Capital has advised, guided, and supported businesses, contributing to the creation or retention of over 2,000 jobs.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Steele, knows firsthand how lack of access to affordable capital can adversely affect the trajectory of a business, stifling its growth potential. While also investing in other entrepreneurs, Mr. Steele is focused on changing the landscape of opportunity for underserved populations by operating Access Community Capital as a Community Development Financial Institution, compelled to address the inequities present in the lending landscape. 

Nic Steele is most excited about his current role as both a lender and business advisor to entrepreneurs developing their own ideas into successful companies.

Commissioner Jon Lau

Higher Education  

Jon Lau

Jon Lau has called Reno home since 1995 and for him, home will always mean Nevada.  He has graduated from the University of Nevada with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration at the same university.

He is an active member of the community and volunteers his time whenever he gets the chance.  He is on the board of the Northern Nevada American Public Works Association and was the 2020 Nevada Young Professional of the Year, helps plan events for the Truckee Meadows Branch American Society of Civil Engineers and was the 2020 Nevada Young Engineer of the year, is on the board of the Asian Pacific Islanders Alumni Chapter of the University of Nevada, and on the board of the Associated General Contractors Construction Leadership Council.  Within these organizations Jon has helped put together volunteer opportunities and donation drives to help those in need in Northern Nevada.  Jon is excited to be a part of the Commission on Minority Affairs and to be able to provide a voice to Nevada’s minorities.  

Commissioner Juanny Romero




Juanny Romero is an exceptional CEO, renowned for her unwavering determination, remarkable leadership skills, and profound responsibilities in driving her organization's success. As a formidable woman-of-color, Juanny embraces her role as a fierce mama bear, tirelessly breaking barriers and carving a path of excellence.

In her capacity as CEO, Juanny assumes diverse crucial responsibilities. She navigates strategic planning, decision-making, and long-term vision, positioning her organization as an industry leader. Juanny fosters empowerment, inclusivity, and a dynamic work environment, mentoring her team to reach their full potential.  

Championing ethical practices, Juanny supports fair trade and sustainable sourcing. Partnering with female farmers, she actively promotes transparency and responsible business practices, positively impacting communities.

Juanny also serves as a spokesperson and advocate for social change. She amplifies underrepresented voices, addresses systemic inequalities, and drives diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations within and beyond her industry. Her work includes working alongside state commissioners, nonprofits and other local community members to drive change in Nevada.

Her achievements have earned recognition, including VEGAS Inc's 40 Under 40, Entrepreneur of the Year, Leadership Las Vegas Alumni, and SBA Small Business Person of the Year National Runner Up. 

Fueling Juanny's dedication is her unwavering devotion to investing in her community. She makes a positive impact through her family, staff, and adoring customers. Juanny crafts connections with every cup, inviting others to embrace strength and determination.

So, raise your mug in celebration of Juanny Romero, the exceptional CEO leading with passion and purpose.

Commissioner Anabel Navarro 

Economic Development 


Anabel Navarro, a dedicated entrepreneur, and business professional has proudly called Las Vegas home for 28 years. With an impressive 32 years of entrepreneurial experience across various industries, she has established herself as a senior figure in the business community. Currently, Anabel serves as a Senior Business Advisor and Southern NV Regional Manager at the Nevada Small Business Development Center (NevadaSBDC), where she has been an invaluable member since 2014. 

Mrs. Navarro enjoys working with minority-owned small businesses, empowering entrepreneurship through training and speaking engagement to aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and succeed.

Anabel collaborates with different organizations such as United Way, The SBA, The Mexican Consulate and other North American Consulates, different Chambers of Commerce and Municipalities, in the Las Vegas area. This broad network enables her to create valuable connections and facilitate community growth. Anabel's extensive experience has garnered her respect among her peers, leading to numerous acknowledgments at the local, state, and national levels.

Anabel’s passion for serving the community goes beyond her scope of work, by volunteer work in different committees and organizations. Anabel has been part of the American Cancer Association committee; 13 years as coordinator, along with her husband, of the Christian Family Movement group; 4 years as a volunteer-educator at the church of St Thomas more, supporting the educational growth of children. Recognizing the importance of the well-being of seniors, Anabel has taken the initiative to organize a free Thanksgiving Party at the Arthur McCants Minor in Las Vegas for 13 years. Collaborating with numerous volunteers, she has created a heartwarming tradition that brings joy to the elderly in need.

Anabel gratefully serves as the Commissioner of Minority Affairs in Nevada. In this role, she advocates for minorities and works collaboratively towards creating a better tomorrow.


Commissioner Lance West

 K-12 Education


I am a citizen of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and currently entering my sixth year as Principal for Schurz Elementary School, a public K-6 school located on the tribal lands of the Walker River Paiute Reservation in Schurz. I have twenty years of experience in education, all here in Nevada.

I am also co-founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Educators Empowerment, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on providing solutions for our Indigenous PreK-12 students in Nevada. Our main office is located in Schurz. I am CEO of Taba Egena Consulting LLC, an educational consulting group.

I am a former school board member for Pyramid Lake Junior/Senior High School, a 6-12 BIE-funded school, located in Nixon, Nevada on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation.

In having the experiences of working for urban and rural school districts I believe I bring a unique perspective. I have worked intensively with American Indian/Alaska Native communities during my time in Washoe, Humboldt, and Mineral counties. My vision and values are reinforced by my beliefs in providing a voice for all marginalized Nevada families. I have observed obstacles to student achievement in rural Nevada that mirror those I’ve witnessed in the urban setting rooted in systemic racism and policies. I am committed to advocating for policy change. 

Commissioner Nina Gallagher 



Nina Gallagher is currently holding the position of Development Director at Helping Hands of Vegas Valley. In this role, she is a key component of the organization's fundraising efforts and overall development strategy. With her extensive experience and expertise in the nonprofit sector, Nina is responsible for creating and implementing fundraising campaigns, cultivating relationships with donors, and overseeing funding proposals.

Nina's dedication and passion for the nonprofit sector are evident in her work. She is committed to making a positive impact on the community and utilizing her skills to advance the organization's mission. With her strong communication and interpersonal skills, she can effectively engage and inspire donors, volunteers, and staff members alike.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Nina is actively involved in the nonprofit community. She serves as an Advisor for Foster Change. Foster Change allows her the opportunity to provide guidance, support, and expertise to the Board of Directors. She is a frequent speaker at workshops on nonprofit development and collaboration practices among potential community partners.

Nina Gallagher's role as the Development Director for a nonprofit organization is essential in ensuring the organization's long-term sustainability and growth. Her expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, and donor relations makes her an asset to the organization. With her passion for making a difference and her ability to inspire others, Nina continues to drive the organization's success in fulfilling its mission and making a positive impact on the community it serves.

She fundamentally believes that we can be a stronger community by working together while encouraging healthy partnerships that work to improve the outcomes for all families in Nevada.  With great appreciation for the opportunity to serve, Nina looks forward to disseminating crucial information and resources that will help to improve the lives of those we serve.